Door surfaces

Chemical, impact and scratch resistant and available in a variety of door size laminates for best optimisation and excellent value, our LI Door Protection (LIDP) range of designs are as stylish as they are expressive.

Our LIDP surfaces are also suitable for fire door applications with certified approval in accordance with 1530.4 for a 2 hour burn on all fire door substrate suppliers within Australia.

Fire Rated

Fire Doors are designed to protect doorways (or openings) in fire rated walls. With tested systems, fire rated doors slow down the spread of smoke and flames by compartmenting areas within a building.

Specially constructed all Fire Doors are fitted with fire tested components including our LI Door Protection HPL facings along with closers, latching and other hardware.

Fire Rated Doors

Fire doors using our rated HPL surfaces are constructed using a mineral material known as Vermiculite Monolithic Refractory Core and can be engineered to achieve fire ratings of 1 hour or 2 hours (in accordance with 1530.4).

1. HPL Facing (LIDP Surface)
2. Fire Door Core
3. Reinforcing Plates
4. Internal Timber Frame

1. HPL Facing (LIDP Surface)
2. Internal Core Material
3. Internal Timber Frame
4. Matching ABS Edging

Design and function in harmony with our flexible choice of materials for all your project solutions. Whether you want to use a specific colour or design across a range of applications, have to fulfil fire prevention regulations or need a durable and easy to clean surface. Our colour options from LI Surfaces offer all of these solutions and more.

Our European surfaces offer technically tested and visually appealing combination decors and surface textures for you to choose from. In addition, many decors from our design collections are available both as HPL and matching HMR E0 Particle Melamine Board for matching joinery.

sheet sizes
for better

Optimisation is the key to every project plan and we have the sizing options to maximise your needs and budget.

Perfect for all requirements with our stocked HPL sheet ranges of up to 3050mm heights and 1320mm widths. Our variety of special-order sizes ranging from 2800 x 2070mm, 2150 x 915/950/1050/1300mm, 2350 x 1050/1300mm (see all our sheet sizes), we have the sizing options to suit your project needs and budget.

Our larger sheet sizes offer 56% better value project specifications compared to alternate door types


In addition to the many features of our premium HPL surfaces for doors, our products themselves offer more benefits for your overall projects with better long term value and reduced on-site production.

Doors can be profiled off site before install

Door is supplied as Pre-finished (no sealing required)

No need for Rigid Door Protection unlike alternative products (Paint or Acrovyn)

Aesthetically pleasing

Cost effective due to limited on-site disruption