• Bench tops
    • Tables
    • Cabinetry and shelving
    • Wall panels
    • Toilet Partitioning
    • Lockers
    • HPL for Doors
    • Melamine Bed Heads (zero joins due to sheet size – 2655 x 2100mm)
  • Melamine Board
    2800 x 2100 x 16mm

    High Pressure Laminate (HPL) 
    Post formable Grade – suitable for horizontal and vertical surfaces
    3050 x 1300 x 0.7mm

    HPL Pressed Panel
    Single Sided with white or black back 3050 x 1200 x 16.7 mm
    Double Sided 3050 x 1200 x 17.4 mm
    Other thicknesses available on request
    MRMDF Substrate

    Matching ABS Unglued Edge Tape
    23 x 1mm

    • Chemical Resistant
    • Group 1 Fire Rated (HPL)
    • Antibacterial (HPL)
    • Graffiti Resistant (HPL)
    • Heat Resistant (HPL)
    • High Impact Resistant (Melamine Board)
    • 10 Year Warranty, 7 Year Warranty Melamine Board
    • EO HMR Particle Board Substrate

    Additional Specs.
    Also available as Splashback (gloss finish)
    Also available in Gloss finish


Modelling Image, Sample Chip (5x7cm), Sample Sheet (A5)






High Pressure Laminates, E0 Melamine Board, HPL Pressed Panel


Chemical Resistant, Gloss